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Spelling Sites Make Learning a Game

Enrollment has begun for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The journey to Washington, D.C., starts this fall with more than 11 million students. In 2015, only 285 spellers made it to the national finals. The Internet is a powerful tool with many sites designed especially for Spelling Bee contest prep. If you want your child to be one of the lucky few to make it to finals, check out these online sites to prepare them for the challenge.

The 20-word challenge is designed to test both your child's speed and accuracy as they have to decide which of the words in the list are spelled incorrectly. The word practice is perfect for a Spelling Bee contest as the lists have the most commonly misspelled words.

Merriam Webster’s Spell It

This site is your child's spelling bee practice area. It is a collaboration with the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The study site gives your child 1150 words and divides these words into sections by the language of origin. The site states that studying the language of origin will enable your child to learn and remember several important rules and specific guidelines for correctly spelling words in English. The site is not a game but is a studying course designed for winning.

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